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Chilling in Charleston


I visited Charleston, South Carolina twice in high school for softball. The city is absolutely gorgeous and charming. Not to mention the fact that they have beaches. I hale from New York where our beaches really are not in the same comparison as down south. We stayed at the Isle of Palms and rented condos during our time. I suggest doing the same, the condos are nice and you have your own private beach and pools. Since I was there for softball we would train on the beach or just relax. You shared it with the other residents but it wasn’t a free for all with the public.
One of the coolest things I saw was a turtle on the beach that they were releasing back into the wild.

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Another I saw was Fort Sumter. You jump on a boat and they bring you to this fort. I’m a history nerd and was really interesting to see, but you’re stuck on the fort for a while and there’s only so much to it. So it wasn’t my favorite thing that I did.


Charleston has a really distinct look to it. All the homes are really historical looking and beautiful. I loved looking at the architecture of the city. I was only able to go into the actual city of Charleston for one day. It has all these fun shops and a flea market. Everyone is making intrigue baskets, which was really interesting to watch. I highly suggest visiting here, I wish I could have done more touristy things but I was visiting due to a sport so I wasn’t able to.

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